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Fucking For The First Time..Boy was it good!

Sex = Male
Where it happened = In the local gym in the shower
Language = English
Refnum = 7124
One day i was at the local pool and i was with my current b/f and we were walking in the girls locker room,cos' it was really late so no one else was there. So we just decided we wanted to fuck,so he slowly undressed me and i did the same for him. he took me into the shower and we layed on the floor he slowly put his throbbing cock,up my dripping cunt and he slowly swayed back and forth,slow at first and then fast.I screamed he started sucking my oh-so-hard nipples then he went lower and stuck his tongue up my twat. I then got on top of him and started sucking his dick. I let him cum into my mouth i then swallowed it ,licking my lips. He took my cunt and spread my tight,wet,lips. he stuck his middle finger up it. I screamed and moaned with great pleasure.
He then took his 12 inch cock and slowly shoved it up my ass,i yelled and he started humping me,then i turned around and played with his sticking straight out cock.I sucked it clean,my mouth full of cum. later on we realized we did not use a condom,but now we have sex,once a night,i love him dearly!

Fucking For The First Time..Boy was it good!

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