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She walked in on me!!!!!

Sex = Male
Where it happened = the bathroom
Language = English
Refnum = 6793
A few weeks ago my fathers friend from college was staying at our house for the weekend. Along with him was his wife and two daughters, aged 4 and 11. Dana, the one who's 11, was very well developed. She had huge tits and a killer body and ass. She was dropdead gorgeous. Anyway one day I was jacking off in the bathroom and I was about to cum when she walks in the door I forgot to lock. I went from orgasm to scared shit-less in 5 seconds. I walked out of the bathroom and went into my room and locked the door. About an hour later I was going to the bathroom and she followed me in. She told she wanted to see a dick ejaculate. I got hard right there. I told her okay but before I did I could see and suck her tits. She agreed. She removed her t-shirt and then her bra revealing double G tits. They were so huge. I layed her down on the floor and started to rhythmecly squeeze each tit. She moaned so I started to suck on them. With her eyes closed she didn't see me unzip my pants and poke her tits with my dick. I then let her get up and I was almost about to cum so I told her. It only took me 5 tugs and semen was everywhere. She thought this was cool. I had layed down with my eyes closed. All of a sudden I felt somebody sit on my dick. It was Dana. I thrusted into her and came again. I asked why she did that and she said she always had a crush on me. We took a shower together and then she gave me a great blowjob. She said we had to do it more often. We did it a total of 9 times while she was there and when I go up there in a month or so I want to break that record.

She walked in on me!!!!!

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