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Cousin's Husband

Sex = Female
Where it happened = Living room
Language = English
Refnum = 6194

I was staying at my cousins house because my parents were going out of town and they wanted me to stay with them for 1 week. Mike( my cousins husband) is 25 and very good looking was watching tv on the couch and my cousin and myself went to bed. About an hour of tossing and turning I decided to go down and watch tv also. Iwas down there for about 15 minutes, mostly watching Mike when I decided enough was enough and decided to lay all my cards on the table. I got up off my chair and sat next to him and told him I wanted him to be my first. His eyes drew a blank and before he could answer I was taking off my pajama tops and asking him to suck on my tits. I could tell he was very nervous about this so I told him not to worry that this would be our little secret. This seemed to reassure him a little bit as he began to play with my breasts. Not wanting to waste any time being afraid myself that my cousin would wake up and come down I reached for his cock which was already hard. I was able to get his nice cock out of his pants and began to suck on it. What a great feeling it was to have that in my mouth. I sucked and played for awhile and I could taste some pre-cum so I knew he was getting close. I took off my panties and got on top of him, I grabbed his cock and eaesd it in to my wet hole. It hurt at first, but as he continued to move it began to feel very nice. Just as I was getting the hang of it I could feel his cock going into me deeper and all of a suddden I could feel myself losing my virginity. After the initial pain a great feeling came over me and i knew I was having my first orgasm. I had 3 all getting better and better, when I got scared that we would get caught. I wanted to please him so bad and I knew I came awful fast so I got off of him and took him deep in my mouth. I must have been pretty good at my first blow job because he came right away. As he came I stayed right with him and was able to take all of his cum without missing a drop.
I often think of my first time and look forward to the day I can go back and stay at my cousins home to thank Mike for letting me stay at his house!

Cousin's Husband

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