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Sex In the Tub

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Hot Tub
Language = English
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Well, I was in my summer home in Myrtle Beach, S.C, I knew this girl for about a year or two before we fucked, but only saw her during the summers. It was about 12:00(My Cirfue) and I was talking to this girl, she said that she would be able to sneak out of her house about 1 or 2 0'clock so I agreed.
I went inside saying goodnight to my parents and kept a vigil while they slept. I left my house and went down to the hot tub in the hotel where we said we would meet. She was there already sitting in the hot tub. I came down and sat next to her. I admired her large breasts, tight inside her bikini.
Then it all started. She said she wanted to show me her tan line, and then took of her top! She asked me if I was turned on and sure enough I was! She asked if she could check and of course I said yes! She rubbed my hard erection from outside my bathing suit. Her hand felt so good touching my penis and balls. She then slipped her hand under my bathing suit and through my pubic hair. She then began to give me a handjob. I was so Horny I decided I had to take over.
I licked her warm wet breasts. Then I reached down to the crotch of her bikini. She welcomed my hands, by spreading her legs. I fingred her. And then licked my fingers in front of her! I took off her bottom and then pushed my hard dick inside of her. I pumped her ReaL GooD! Pump after Pump she moaned out loud! Then I shot a load in her! Not only a load, The mother Load!
Before you know it I was hard and ready to go again! (I was a machine that night) I laid her down, Squeezed her breasts together and slid my dick in and out of them! I was ready to cum and so I did! I shot allover her face! I nearly covered her. Then I spanked my soft cock on her cheek to finish off my cumming! I had a bit of cum on my balls! So I dipped my droopy balls in her mouth! (Sitting in the Hot Tub makes them a bit droopy) She sucked like a vacum!
My soft dick beggining to harden again laid on her nose! She was feelin' it! She then procedded to give me oral sex! My pubic hair was rubbing against her face! I shot yet another load down her throat! She swallowed. This time I spanked my soft cock against her sweet smelling cunt!
We made out and then went home!

Sex In the Tub

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