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Terri in S.A.

Sex = Female
Where it happened = bathroom tub
Language = English
Refnum = 5990

Looking back I was always real sexual. When I was 10 my girlfriend and I took the neighbor boy into our tree house. We played with his dick and let him lick our pussies. He was to little to cum but he liked it a lot. We would also put things in our pussies and assholes and then go down to lunch. We would sit at the table with our parents with beans in our pussies or a lipstick in our ass and it would be our secret. It wasn't until I was about 15 that I learned what a real orgasm was. In our downstairs bathroom we had a big brown tub with a shower massage. I would spend hours in the tub masturbating with the shower massage. One time I was squatting in the tub and had the shower massage between my legs blasting on my pussy when I started to have another orgasm. I had learned that if I pushed real hard, like peeing or having a bm, that the feeling was better. I started pushing real hard and some of the water went up my butt. It was great and it started a long history of anal sex that was great. There is still nothing like the feeling of a hard slick dick slidding up my ass, all the way to balls and then when it starts to shoot, pushing it all the way in and holding it still so I can feel it pulse and spray the inside of my ass with hot sticky cum. I love the feeling of hours after hot anal sex to feel my asshole to start to leak cum and I have to rush to the toilet. Yes, I love to fuck and suck. Always have and always will. The trick is finding someone to keep up.

Terri in S.A.

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