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Clit Rub

Sex = Female
Where it happened = parents home
Language = English
Refnum = 54089
I like most people my age was still a virgin at the age of twelve. I grew up with playing with my brothers and our two neighbors Jimmy and Luke, Jimmy was seventeen at the time and Luke was fourteen. We would always play together and I never thought anything for either of them romantically. One day they were over at my house after school with my brother, my parents were gone and I was reading. I overheard my brother and his friends talking about fucking a girl for the first time. Jimmy was the only one who had ever done it and was bragging about popping his first cherry. I always dreamed about getting fucked ever since i knew what sex was and I walked downstairs to join their conversation. I was wearing nothing but a tank top and a miniskirt and Luke began to say how hot i looked. I being horny said "you want to see what is under this?" Of course I looked at my brother and he said that that was ok for me to show them my breasts. I was a tiny girl, with big tits so I showed them my breasts. Jimmy asked if he could touch them and I said yes. He slowly started caressing my right breast and Luke joined him. It was felt amazing. Jimmy layed me on the floor and asked me if i would like to get fucked. I of course told him yes. My brother started to feel my breast also. Then Luke pulled down my miniskirt and all three just stared at my bare virgin pussy. Luke told Jimmy and my brother to spread my pussy lips. After they had spread me wide Luke got some lubrication oil from my parents bathroom and spread it on one of his hands. He then used his index finger and slowly massaged my clitoris going around and around in slow circles. He then told my brother to join in and he did too. After my brother and Luke rubbed me for a little while Jimmy joined in too. That was the hottest thing i have ever felt having three sets of fingers working in an oily mess all over my pussy. Luke asked me if he could enter me and i said yes. I screamed the pain hurt so much, but after he popped my cherry it started to feel good. I had several orgasms by each of the boys that day, and it was the best sex ive ever had. Me and my brother still fuck ocassionally, but Luke and Jimmy moved away.

Clit Rub

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