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3 Girls. 1 triple head dildo. Birthday Sex. :D

Sex = Female
Where it happened = My Bedroom, and My Bathroom.
Language = English
Refnum = 53591
I am a 4' 6'' girl. I have dirty blonde hair. my breast size is 32D So, on this day I was wearing a white, v-neck, t-shirt with a blue undershirt below it. I was bored, so I invited a bunch of my friends over. Since, the day was my birthday, they said they'd surprise me when the come over, like they'd come over at a time i wasn't expecting. Feeling extremely horny, I left my tv room and went upstairs into my room to have some fun. Ran into my room, and got my dildo. Lifted up my white t-shirt and prodded my tits from outside my shirt with the dildo. "ohhhh... I'm so ready." I removed my blue undershirt and took off my jeans. Now all that was left was my green bra and my green panties. I took my bra off and rubbed my tits for a while. Next, I took off the panties and just shoved the vibrator in there. then I turned it on ;D. "Fucccckkk! Fuckkk me! oh shit! Ugh! ooooo yea! Stick it in!!!!" I approached my orgasm. My body writhed and twitched "Shit! I'm cumming!!!" Next thing you know, my cum shot across my bed and landed... on my jeans. *knock knock* "Oh shit..." "Um, who's there" I said as I was pulling my clothes back on. "It's Savannah!" "Um hold on... Come in!" Savannah was a brown haired, very pretty, 5'2'' girl, with A sized breasts. "Hey Sami!" "Um hi Savannah!" Savannah was wearing a black spaghetti strap top, and faded blue sweatpants. Savannah glanced down at Sami's jeans. "Uh, Sami? Why is there cum on your jeans?" "Ah, I was having fun but you interrupted it!" "Well, since I'm here, can I join you?" "Sure!" I got out of my clothes again. Savannah slipped off her black top and took off her pants. She then slowly, and seductively removed her black bra and panties. Sami dived into Savannah's defenseless pussy. "ohhhh shit sami! You're so good to me!" Savannah quickly came on Sami's face. As Sami was licking Savannah clean, Felicia came in and saw them. "Ummm... I'm going to go to the bathroom until you guys are done." Felicia hurried into the bathroom. Felicia had brown hair with blonde at the ends, she had B sized breasts, she was 5'5'' and she was wearing a cute grey top with a blue and black zebra print undershirt. Felicia by accident didn't lock the door and got undressed, removed her pink bra and panties, and started masterbating with her eyes closed. Little did she know, Sami and Savannah came in to the bathroom. Sami got down and stuck the vibrator into felicia's pussy and a dildo into her own. Savannah, licked Felicia's tits and Sami licked Savannah's pussy. "Ohhhh" moaned Felicia. "Sami! Lick faster and deeper!" Sami obliged savannah. It was a three girl orgy. "Fuck me Sami!" screamed Savannah. "Shittttt Savannah!" moaned Felicia. At the same time, all three of them came. Sami came all over the dildo and onto the floor, Savannah came all over Sami's face, and Felicia came on her vibrator which squirted onto Savannah.

3 Girls. 1 triple head dildo. Birthday Sex. :D

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