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my first blow job

Sex = Female
Where it happened = after school
Language = ENGLiSH
Refnum = 53307
ok, so i was after school waitin for my cousin to pick me up. i was in the gym watching the boys basketball team practice. so this guy i've known for about a year came up behind me and told me to come with him. i really liked him alot so i went. he led me to the baseball field and told me no one would ever know about it. i was hesitant at first but he closed my eyes, i looked down, opened my eyes, and there it was. it was the third one i've ever seen in person, and it was kind of small. i took it into my mouth anyway and gave him all i had. i went on for about ten, fifteen minutes until he came in my mouth and i swallowed. he told me it was great and we should do it again sometime. me and this guy are no longer friends, just enimies but i still see him almost everyday at school so there is no way i will be able to get him out of my life. at least for now...

my first blow job

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