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Stranger in my bed

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Hotel
Language = English
Refnum = 52666
I have been married twice . One divorce and one passed away in 08 . So this is about the strangers first time. I tossed my keys and things on the bed at the hotel the went and ran the tread mill for a while . I was not over my second wife passing suddenly away after 9 years with her. I came back to my room and showered thinking my wife was in the bed as I walked by . I saw her in my dreams all the time. I dried off and killed the lights and there was a a white girl with silky black hair in my bed . I pulled back her hair and it wasn't my wife but she was beautiful. My black cock was on red alert and I pulled back the sheets and climbed in next to her. She was young but I couldn't tell . I saw a rental car key so she was atleast 21 to rent a car . My finger traced her lips and she puckered a few times so I kissed her . Her hand ran up on my head and she said oh your a black man. We kissed some more . She led my hand to her vagina I realized she was a virgin. So I excused my self and went through my suitcase looking for a condom not finding one. I went in to her suitcase and found sunglasses and pretty clothing and a white tent pole . I saw her wallet and opened it . She had a state ID and no liscense I hit me she was blind . I looked at the keys they were my rental car. I counted back from her birthday she was 19 . I snapped her wallet closed and tossed it back in her suit case. Ben . I almost broke my neck turning around she knew my name. Now you know who I am come to bed. How do you know who I am ? Your my sisters husband . But the last name different. Ben she like you was married before . I miss her she looks so much like you . She was twelve years older than me . I never saw her but we called once a week . She called me titter. Yes she did I remember the name . I never understood you two . We spoke Romanian to each other . Well as you see I got a visa . I pulled back the sheets and she looked hot . Turn out the lights and make love to me . Titter you'll get pregnant . I hope so your clock is running out . How old do you want to be when your kids graduate from high school. I was scared and she was confident we made love that night and have as much sex as we can Handle . It took three months but she is with child. I'll keep you up dated.

Stranger in my bed

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