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First time masterbation

Sex = Female
Where it happened = Bathroom
Language = English
Refnum = 52263
Ive been masturbating since i was 10 but i never really got any pleasure from it. So i went online and searched how to masturbate. I found this one article online that talked if u put your vibrating toothbrush on ur clit you'll get a ton a pleasure. So i waited till my mom left home. Locked my self in the bathroom and started watching some porn. I also found my old dove facial cleanser that was a shape of a penis. i started the toothbrush and put on my clit and stuck the dove cleanser turned it on in my vagina. Oh my god it was the best feeling feeling my pussy pulsate and i started pumping it in out while watching porn i started oragasiming and felt so goood. i cummed like 8 times until i felt numb mmmm the best feeling of my life.

First time masterbation

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