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my son

Sex = Female
Where it happened = my bedroom
Language = English
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i am telling the story of my first time with my son. He is 5 foot 8 and has a 7 inch cock. I am 5'6 with 36dd breasts and i am divorced. I was in my room changing when my son walked in to use the shower( it is in my bedroom). He said sorry for coming in, but i told him i wanted him to stay. I asked how i looked to him and he said that u r very sexy. I took his hand and we both got on the bed. I said that i missed having a cock in me and that i wanted him to fuck me. " but u r my mom " he said and i told him that it was okay. So he stripped me down and then himself and we made out for an hour. I told him to shove his cock inside of me and it felt so good when he did. he started sliding in and out of my pussy and rubbing my inner thigh while we made out again. I loved feeling a cock in my pussy again. i came twice before he came in me and his warm sperm felt amazing inside of me. I stuck his cock in my mouth and gave a blow job and he came twice in my mouth. We fucked missionary style, doggie style, 69 and all the positions we could think of. We finally fell asleep in each others arms. We still have sex to this very day and right i am getting ready for him to come home to have sex with me.

my son

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