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Fucking my bestfriend's mom

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Friend's House
Language = English
Refnum = 52045
I would always fantasize about having sex with my friend's mom, since the day I first met her. Nothing really happened in the two years I was friends with him until he and his father left for a week long trip. His mother called me and said she wanted me to come over and said she would pick me up instead. When I got in her car we started talking and she was telling me she was lonely in the house. Before I knew it she was rubbing my leg and all I could do was get a hard on. I knew she must be coming on to me, so I started to rub her breasts and then she moved on to rubbing my cock. I then knew she wanted me so I started to unhook her bra and run her tits completely. We got to her house and moved into the bedroom, and then I got her to do a strip tease for me while I was rubbing my hard on. I told her to come here and she started sucking my cock and it felt so good I didn't want it to stop. She was using her tongue in so many ways I didn't know if I was going to cum or not. I was sucking on her nipples as her blow job was going on. I fucked her pussy as hard as I could while she was moaning and screaming for more, it felt so great to have my rock hard cock in her wet pussy. She had such a big, thick ass I started fucking her right in her asshole and didn't want it to end. Before I knew it, I had started to cum in her asshole. She told me it was better then her husband could give her and we continued having sex until I went to college.

Fucking my bestfriend's mom

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