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young handjob

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Best friends bedroom
Language = english
Refnum = 51990
So I was at my bestfriends house and the girls next door came over and I liked her. We were up stairs and my friends mom called him down staris. Me and the girl next door started to talk and she said close your eyes so i said why not. she said ok open them and she had taken her shirt off. I asked what she was doing but she was looking at my pants. What i didn't realise was i had a boner and I was about to explode. She walked over and unzipped my pants and just staired at it like it a monster. She asked what guys do with their dicks and so i started to jack off. I couldnt belive it the girl of my dreams watching me jack off. I saw her hands wonder on her own body. I said let me do it and you can do it to me and i fingered her and she stroked me. We still do it to this day but know we actualy do it. The bad thing is that it all started on my best friends bed while he got in trouble.;)

young handjob

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