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Bush Sex!

Sex = Male
Where it happened = party followed by bushes
Language = English
Refnum = 51962
It was our graduation night out of the Junior Cert and me and 5 friends (all single) decided we were going to a coll party.6 Hot girls in our class wer talkin to us and asked would we like to go upstairs to ply strip poker.Ofcourse we said yes and followed them upstairs.4Blonde and 2 Brunettes with huge plump suculent Breasts. I had to go first because i was alphabetically first. I was terrible at this game and was stripping off clothes like it was any 15 year olds job! The girls would undress each other and were down to just bra's and panties. i was getting excited so wasn't embarrressed about takin off my Jocks.The girls asked if they could have a feel and I wasn't prepared to turn down a HandJob ! ;) One asked if a blowjob was okay and I said yes ! :) So after experimenting there we went out into a forest called 'Mighty Bush' and had group sex.Wel I had a three-some with 2 blondes! :) They took turns grabbing and fondeling with my huge and hard Penis.They asked what they could do to make it more enjoyable.I couldn't thgink of anything faster than..For them to start havi eachother.Which they did! :) They Pusahed there Breasts together and licked each other and sucked in places then i stuck my cok in one of them and it went ful in/! She mopaned and the other laid at the side and tried to catch her breath.They had a moaning cometetion and I was the judge ! :) They took it int urn to say 'Ughhhhh' 'Mooooooorreeee' 'fasteeeeeeer''haaardeeeeeeeeeeeer' whichmade me excited! :0 Thats my storyy! :D :D ..............What a night! :O:D

Bush Sex!

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