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Teacher gone bad

Sex = Male
Where it happened = School
Language = English
Refnum = 51876
I was 25 and a sience teacher. At the time i was teaching sex ed. That day we had watched a sex ed film. I was in the locker rooms taking a shower after track practice. I heard the door open. I figured one of the guys forgot something. It was a girl from my class. She was 14. She was wearing a tube top and short shorts. She told me to come over so i wrapped a towel around my waist and went over. She said she needed me to look at her breast and tell her if it was a normal thing going on. She pulled down her tube top before i could reply. She saw me eyeballing her huge breasts. She told me they were 54 dd and i could suck them if i wanted. I layed her down on the bench threw my towel and started rubbing her breasts. Her nipples were hard and i leanded down and started licking her all over. She moaned and started rubbing my cock. I could see she had already precummed. I pulled her shorts and panties off. I stuck two fingers in her and she moaned real loud. I broke her heymen. I slowly started to eat her out. When she was ready i pulled my cock from her grasp and put it in her. She started thrusting until it was all the way in. I had to hold her hips down so i didnt cum. Doon she broke free, she said she wanted me to come in her so i thrusted my hips hard. I could feel my ballsack slapping her. We did it for six hours then fell asleep with my cock in her

Teacher gone bad

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