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Sex = Female
Where it happened = germany
Language = english
Refnum = 51430
this wasent myfirst time fucking itjust was the first old guy id fucked okso i went on this forgin exchange thingy so i stay with a family for a week and exprince their culture so i went ot germany and stayed with a family the family had 1mum 1daughter and there grandpa live with them well one day when the daughter and mum went shoping itwas only papa and me at home and i always notied him lookig at my ass or my boobs so whilethere where i away i thought i would play abit so he was standing up next to the kitchen tabel and i was wearing a skirt and singlet with nobra so my nipples were perky i went so close to him and asked him if he was hungry he said no so i turned around and bentdown reaviling my thong i was wearing he said that he was hungry now i took him by the tie he was wearing and placed himon the bed i took of his pants and he took of his shirt i took off all mycloths and said heres lunch i climbedoverhim inserting hisbig cock in my wet pussy i was riding him so hard and yelling out ohhhh yeahhh papap harder harder his balls were bouncingup against my ass ohhhhh fuck meohhhharder papapppppp it piched my nipples that made me yell ohhh fuck me harder papaaa he told me i had a perfectpussy i told that he should tasteif it was perfect


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