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me and my stepsister

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Our House
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she came to live with us when i was young and i never seen a real life naked girl until she came to our house and she use to run around with no clothes all the time she was little and kinda ugly but at first had no tits so after i seen her pussy a few times that all i cared about well then about 1 year later i seen her in the bathroom and she was naked and i seen a string hanging out of her pussy so i went in and she told me it was a tampon and she showed me and i could see that she had some hair on her pussy and her boobs were kinda sticking out so i asked her if i could pull out the string and she said ok i guess i have to take it out anyway so i did and it was cool to do and i felt my dick getting hard and i jerked off before when i would think about seeing her naked well she said i have to get in the shower and i said i do to can i get in first she said no and she jumped in but i got in to and when i did i saw her washing her pussy and my dick got hard and i asked her i could try to stick it in her pussy and she said ok so she bent over and with all the soap it went right in and i pumped it in and out and my cum went right in her pussy and i said did you like it and she said yes and i said me too and that was the beginning of us doing it almost everynight outside, in her bed, my bed, downstairs, in the camper some times 2 or 3 times a night she is 15 now, nice boobs 34c and nice and tan body and she still loves to fuck just as much and me too we are just lucky our mom and dad never caught us i started to eat her pussy and she loves me to do that and she sucks my dick whne every i eat her pussy but it is just best when we fuck and she likes the top best

me and my stepsister

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