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My mum was such a slut. I often walked in on her fucking my dad, and she made me watch saying I would 'learn'. So I knew ALL about sex at a real younge age. I had a boyfriend named Oscar(everyone named him ozzy). And one day I invited ozzy around for tea, so we ate and all. Then, my mum said she needed to go out for an hour or so, but she trusted me so it was okay for me and ozzy to be home alone. We got onto the subject of sex. 'I always watch my parents have sex, my mum says it's AMAZING' I said to him. 'have you really?! Does it look fun?' he asked 'yeahh!' I replied. 'i've also seen my mum finger herself and use a dildo' I said smiling 'what does fingering yourself mean?' he asked. I was shocked. So I showed him. I led him to my parents room and I told him to sit on the chair as I lay on the bed and I took off my skirt and pants. I slowly got 3fingers and shoved them deep into my very tight wet pussy. I was soon moaning with pleasure, I frequently fingered myself while watching my parents fuck, but I hadn't used 3fingers before, so I was being fully stretched. Ozzys eyes widened and I saw his boner thru his jeans. 'wanna fuck me?' I asked him sexily. Ozzy nodded and quickly took off all his clothing and got onto the bed with me. I was so fucking shocked I stopped fingering myself so my juices just dripped from me. Ozzys dick was HUGE! it was around 5-6inches at least, and hewas only 7! I was soo fucking horny then. I lay ozzy down , and I started sucking him, to get him fully hard. Within seconds he blew his sweet hot cum into my mouth, and I swollowed it straight down. Then, I positioned myself so his hard cum-covered dick so it was just infront of my dripping tight pussy. Then, I slammed myself down onto him so fast the bedsprings almost broke. I screamed and blood filled up the bed. Ozzy looked alarmed but I told him just to thrust his hips up and downwards as i bounced on his fucking huge cock. Ozzy and i were soon both heavily fucking, his balls hitting into me, the old bedsprings making a hell of a lotta noise, and the slurping noises of ozzys dick going in and out quickly into my wet tight virgin pussy. Then my mum walked in. She caught us just as we were reaching climax,and it just happened that as soon as she entered we both came. Ozzys cum filled my tight little hole till it was brimming full, and my pussy juices joined the blood and cum that was already on the bed. I thought my mum would be soo angry at us, but she just smiled and watched us, and she started fingering herself! I was amazed! Me and ozzy fucked harder, trying to show to my mum how good we were at it, my mum was moaning and so was I, but ozzy was moaning the loudist, he frequently shouted 'oh my god! FUCK YES!' just before cumming inside my warm pussy. Then my mum stood up, and while we were still fucking, she tipped us onto our sides (ozzy was still in me) and she started licking around where out little pussys and dicks met, tgen she started licking us (in turn) up the rear. Oh my god it was heaven. A huge dick in my pussy,a warm wet tounge up my arse and cum and pussy juice all over me. Heaven. After that, every Monday , Wednesday and saturday me and ozzy would meet up to shag, ozzy is wayy more experienced now and he fucks me soo hard I have occasionally ripped right open. Right now as I'm writing this I'm fingering myself, oZzy moved away a few months ago, I miss his cock, and I'm always hungry for sex. NOTE TO ALL GUYS(or horny girls): IM IN NEED OF A FUCK. PLEASE SHAG MY TIGHT PUSSY TILL ITS OVERFLOWING WITH CUM, FUCK ME HARD, I JUST REALLY NEED A SHAG!! CAN YOU HELP?! ;) x


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