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big black cock

Sex = Female
Where it happened = his house
Language = english
Refnum = 51036
my first time with a black guy was great, we were at his house and it started with us making out up against his bedroom door. he was sucking my neck, licking my ear, and rubbing my nipples. i was so wet. he started to undress me and i could feel and see his wood through his basketball shorts. he then took off his shorts showing his cock standing at least 9in out in front of him. he picked me up and started fucking me right up against the door as his dick entered me i moaned it felt so good i felt him on every wall in my pussy. his head right on my gspot. he bounced me on his cock until i came squeezing his dick with my soaking wet pussy. he layed me on the bed and began pounding my pussy. i couldnt moan or anything all i could do was cum it was so intense. soon he pulled out of me and came on my belly some hitting my breast. he told me how tight and wet i was and i told him he was the best i ever had. we are now engaged and have a great sex life.

big black cock

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