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Fuck me teacher!!

Sex = Female
Where it happened = School
Language = English
Refnum = 51023
Afterschool I was decided to fuck my teacher. I knew he wasattractive to me so becAuse I had bad grades I decided to fuck him all the way even if my virginity had to be lost. The grades where important cuz if I didn't pass I was going to get kicked out of my house. So afterschool I faked that my chest hurt. He locked the door and said to take of my shirt. I looked down and his cock was more noticable. He started touching my breasts and then I stood up and said I would work better if I took my bra of. I took it of and he was staring at my 36C bobs. He wanted to touch them but said" I can't do this I'm married" and I said " she ain't giving u sex and I am" we kissed while he caresed my bobs. I was enjoing myself!!!! He grabbed my ass and sucked and licked my bobs. Then we got into bussniess and started fucking. It hurt but it was worth not getting kicked out of m house. We cleaned up and he said he would do anything to do it again. You know wati said. We still do it like twice a week

Fuck me teacher!!

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