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fuking (B) while going out with (A)......

Sex = Female
Where it happened = his house
Language = english
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well i lost my virginity when i was 14 yrs old but not to my boyfriend(A) at the time but to his bestfriend(B)... i know i sound like a slut but whats done is done... it all started i remember was when me and (B) made plans to hangout i went to his house at first he was looking for movies for us to watch but everything he picked was boring... i was sitting on his lap so he turned my head around and we kissed sideways.. from then on we took our clothe off and we got on the couch he started to finger me real hard i wanted to scream but i didnt.. he layed on the couch and started to insert his penis in my pussy but it was really hard and uncomfortable in the couch so we went to his room and then we started fuking it did not last long... while we were doing i wasnt like thinking about anything it was like nothing to me... it got real bad though later on because (B) told (A) about it and he started calling me real bad names but with good reason although he went overboard with it i know he was angry about it but all the things he told me were a bit too much... now im 16 yrs old and i dont think i regret it completely because i DID really learn from it..

fuking (B) while going out with (A)......

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