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Pastor Dave

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I got married at 22. I thought it was a marriage made in heaven. After 5 years, however, my husband began to devote almost his entire life to his job, ignoring me, and putting our sex life on hold. And I needed sex. It was the glue to holding our marriage together. It had always been great in the beginning, but now I was virtually ignored. I went to our Pastor for counseling. He recommended that we both come in together to talk, but my husband never could find the time to do that either. So, I continued alone. Pastor Dave was a very attractive man, around 40 years old. He listened intently to all my problems. This went on for over 6 months. I saw him weekly. After 6 months, I began dressing rather provacatively -- my effort now being to seduce Pastor Dave. As I said, I needed sex in the worst way, one way or another. At first, Pastor Dave resisted all of my charms, but finally, one Saturday afternoon,I got the best of him,and we ended up on his couch, having sex. It was glorious! The first time in about a year. Since that afternoon, I continue to see Pastor Dave, and we;ve had sex 0n 7 other occasions, 4 times right here in my home, in my bed! We know it's wrong, and Pastor Dave keeps telling me it's got to stop, but when we are fucking, I am in absolute heaven! I'm not sure what I should do now. I know it can't continue forever, but I keep wanting more.

Pastor Dave

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