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anal fuck

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so one night while laying in bed watching porn my husband suggested trying anal, just playing around i said ok sure. the look on his face let me know he wasnt joking like me. he jumped up and got the lube. he told me to get on all fours so i did, i thought what the heck ill try it if i dont like it he will stop. he put lube on his finger and my asshole and gently started rubbing my asshole as i moaned with pleasure he stuck the finger in a little working his finger in and out slowly then faster. i was moaning loudly about to cum when he started rubbing my vagina and clit with his other hand i came so hard i squirted cum out of my pussy. he then lubed his dick up and my ass a little more and tried to enter my ass but it was to tight, finally he got his head in it hurt at first but soon as i relaxed more he was pounding my ass with his balls hitting my pussy. i came several times leaving puddles of cum as evidence. finally he came filling my ass with his hot cum. it was a great experience.

anal fuck

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