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sex with lady police

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I was just 16 we were living in a locality where many officials lived, as i was a small boy in that locality many ladies used to call me to their home and used to give chocolates & gifts, once one lady police who lived next to me called me and told that she is going to have a bath & insisted me to watch TV in her home, I was delighted instead of watching TV i stated watching her bath, she opened her clothes & started taking bath, as i was watching her she used to watch me unknowingly, suddenly she called my name i appeared in front of her she showed her big boobs and asked me to suck them, in no time i did it then she showed her cunt and asked me to finger it, i did it with lots of interest then she directed me to lick her cunt & send my tool in her hot cunt i did as she told & enjoyed a lot. after that i have fucked her nearly about 25-30 time. now i remember her as my first experience and ejaculate. where are you my dear lady show me and give me those days back

sex with lady police

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