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I won't go into long details, so I will just go straight to it. My older brothers mate, Al (aged 19at the time) was also very horny. One thing led to another and we both ended up locked in my bathroom naked. First, I asked him to fuck me so hard I would b feeling it for a month. "if that's what you want baby" he replied, and got out his HUGE dick. I had seem a few dicks in my time, but his was around 9inches. Honestly, it was so fat and long I just stood staring at it . Al laughed at me "you sure you want this in your tight virgin pussy?" he asked "oh fuk yeah babe" I replied, and sat on the edge if the bath, my arms pushing against the wall, and my legs wide open. Al got his rod and teased my clit, playing around with it, I moaned and moaned, then suddenly al just stuck all of him inside me, I screamed with pleasure, I was just so huge, it actually ripped me open, but I diddnt even notice it felt that good. Put it this way, al was the most rough, hot , biggest shag I have ever had, and I probably ever will have. He was banging me so hard I couldn't stop screaming. His pelvis wacked into my crotch again and again, his balls slamming into me making a fast slapping sound. Oh god it was good. 'oh fuk yeah babe, I'm gonna come, you want it in you?' he moaned while heavily fuking me "yeah babe, come, come come!' I chanted, then he blew his load into me. I was blown away by how much come had come out of his hairy balls, I think even he was shocked. We carried on heavily shagging, and he pulled out a dildo (a false cok) from his trousers that were thrown on the floor, with no warning he stood up (pulling me with him, we were still fuking after all) then the lent my side against the basin, and put vasaline all over the false cok . He stuffed it up my arse, while still satisfying my hungry pussy. Omg I was breathless, I was so tyred out and was stretched beyond belief! We finally reached climax and we both humped faster then ever, I swear it must have been a new record of speed that he was fucking me. When we finished (when he in total comed 5times in me, and I comed at least 7) we finished up. It lasted over an hour and there was come and blood everywhere. We rolled naked in the cum and blood on the floor while doing a 69 and eating eachother out. It was amazing. I loved every second of our rough, hard, sex (:


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