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my first handjob

Sex = Female
Where it happened = a tunnel made for school children under the road
Language = english
Refnum = 50425
It was after school today. I was with my boyfriend. We both told our parents that we were going to after school homework club, but then left early. There is a tunnel connecting the elementary school and the middle school. All of the middle school kids had already left, and the elementary school wasn't out yet, so it was empty. We started to make out, and as always, I was starting to get wet. His hand slid up my shirt, and he started to play with my breast. Then he started to finger me. I was soooo wet. Everything was as it always happened, when all of the sudden, I felt something hard in between my legs. I looked down and could see his hard on through his jeans. He's gotten a boner before, but he's always hidden it, thinking I didn't notice. He was making no attempt to hide it now so I said jokingly, "Is that a dick I feel?" He replied, "do you want to feel it with your hands?" I'd only every touched it outside his pants, even though he'd already fingered me because I'm not as experienced and also quite shy. Before I could answer, he started to take off his belt. He held my chin up with one hand, and un-did his pants with his other, because I hadn't seen it before, and he thought I was just trying to make him feel better when I told him size didn't matter to me. He pressed his stomach against mine so I still couldn't see it, and he guided my hand there. I didn't really know what to do with it, and I'd never felt a dick before. I started to do what I knew guys did when they jacked off, but really slowly. I asked him if I was doing it right and he said yes. Finally, he took my hand off and looked at it. He asked if my hand was wet, to which I replied yes. He smiled and placed my hand back on his dick. He then asked me if I wanted to feel it with my mouth, and I said not today, which I regret now. He came and then we both went home, leaving me wishing I had said yes to his second question. maybe next time =[

my first handjob

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