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Dads huge hard cock

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My dad became an invalid after a road accident. He had spinal injury and the doctor advised him to stop work and recuperate as he needs physio to get his body moving again as he became partially paralysed. My mum ran away a few years back with one of the bangladeshi worker who works at the factory where she was a supervisor. when she works night,she would come home with this bangla,they would get into the room and after awhile i could hear my mum moaning in esctacy,im sure he was fucking her. This went on for such a long time and one day after a year or so,i had a urge to peep into the room and see what exactly they do,i was already 12 then and already had my period and sometimes i feel real horny and started rubbing my pussy for relieve. I remember that day i skipped school as i didnt finish my homework i decided to stay home and finish my work. As usual that week my mum works night and at about 8.30am the van drop off my mum and her lover. I saw from m y room upstairs. Shje dosent check on me so she dosent know i skipped school. I decided to to peep the goings on in the room. after 15mins i came down as the room is on the lower floor and looked into the key hole. I was mesmerised at what i saw and it made my pussy twitch and i almost came there. My mom was in all fours with her butt in the air and the bangla dude was fucking her from behind. At first i tod he was banging her asshole but that was to come later. As i watched,i cant help myself but to rub my clit,he had a big dick on him and comparing my dads[this after i saw my dads cock that im comparing now]no wonder my mom ran away with this bangla. He was pistoning in and out of her pussy and my mom was going crazy and her moans were long and she was urging him on to fuck her. It was really exciting to see and finally after about 20mins he withdrew from her cunt gave her his cock to be sucked and he came all over her..and i too came with a controlled moan but i guess they heard me. I quickly ran upstairs as my mom opened the room door to check.My mom didnt come up to check and i didnt go down after that instead i started masturbating as i relived the scenes that played in my mind as they were fucking and it made me cum so many times that day aand the days to come. One day,i was preparing for school and just out after my shower wearing only a short towel barely covering my pussy,i was bending over looking for a panty to wear when i felt a hand run along my pussy crack. I jumped and sreamed at the same time and saw the bangla smiling at me. After the initiall shock i realised he was naked with his stiff cock bouncing. befoe i could react he hugged me and i was feeling his cock so hot at my tummy,my towel just dropped from the shock of it.After the initial shock,i was pushing him away but he was stronger and he started the fucking motion his cock was rubbing my tummy and in away it was so stimulating and it made me horny. He didnt fuck me but he sucked my tits and rubbed my clits and after sometime he shoot his sperm on my tummy. It was tthe first time i came in contact with a cock and sperm. It turned out my mom was having her period and this bangla fucker came to get his rocks off,i didnt go to school that day. I kept myself in the room and i was horny like hell and couldnt stop masturbating. Ater my mom ran away,my dad was shocked as he never knew what hit him and i never told him about whats been happening all these while as i hardly see him and im not so close with him. After the accident,it so happen that i was after my A levels and waiting for results in a couple of months that the accident happened. At first there were relatives taking care but after awhile everyone was buzy so i had to take care of my dad. In th begining it was really hard for me to care for him,in the morning i had to give him a bath which means i have to get him naked. I had to wash his cock and balls and his butt . In the begining his cock would be small but after about a month or so whenever i wash his cock would become stiff and he would just look away when im washiung his cock.Then after a couple of days later as i washing his cock,it was stiff as usual when suddenly he let out a moan and his sperm started shooting out in globs landing on my hand and on his cock and surrounding,i was shocked at first as i withdrew my hand and just stared at his spewing cock. His body was jerking in a way like humping. After he quiten down i had to clean out all the sperm and after that i left and went to the hall and masturbated my heart out. Now i have the whole house to myself,my dad is in the masterbed and immobile so most times i would close his door and im naked around the house. It makes me horny to be naked and also thinkin of my dads horny stiff cock,i made up my mind to jerk him off whenever he gets horny and it turns out everyday he is horny. I masturbate him everyday now and in the nude to help him get off. I am thinking of giving him a blowjob like in the porn i see almost everyday now. Im thinking about it seriously as a way of rehabilition to encourage blood flow as my dad has shown good recovery during his physio,even the doctors want to know how i treat him..yeah right,im sure it would blow their minds. Anyway,i think since i have already masturbated him in the nude today as i finish this story i will go there and give him a blowjob,as im dying to feel a cock im my mouth and im sure my dad is goin to love it and who knows i might fuck him too..mmmmmm its so nice to pinch my clits,before i cum on my hands again i better see my dad needs a blowjob or not..have fun girls and guys,i know its incest but i have no one else except my dad,and he is my priority ..he needs me and i need him..cheers

Dads huge hard cock

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