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Boyfriend fucking me while I was sleeping

Sex = Female
Where it happened = Living Room
Language = English
Refnum = 50346
Ok so the day started off good. My boyfriend started touching my boobs and feeling me up. So, I pushed him off me and he looked at me puzzled so he stopped and starting watching tv. Soon I fell asleep. You have to understand It was 8:00 and I was having a growing spurt. Little did I know he fucked me. I woke up to him kissing me on the nose. So I smiled. Later (about 5 months) I let him touch me with his penis so we laid down facing each other with his penis between my lips, going back and forth... after that, he started fingering me and I had my eyes closed. I could hear something was going on..suddenly I feel this giant thing go up my pussy. I have my mouth open and a little bit of drool coming out. I grabbed on to him and he grabbed my head and started going harder and harder. I could feel the blood running down my butt cheeks. I started to moan to make him slow down... instead it made him even more horny/angry and started going harder... I screamed and he said "COME ON BABY, SCREAM. YOU KNOW YOU WANT MY CUM IN YOU!" I slapped him in the face... (Silence) he gave me a long look... then said softly "Shouldn't have done that, Sweetheart." He grabbed me, threw me on my knees then grabbed my love handles and started pounding away. I screamed even louder. He said "MOAN, BABY, MOAN!" I couldn't take it anymore. I orgasmed. Then he cummed inside of me. Then kissed me on the forehead and said sorry. After, he told me that wasn't the first time. We're still together though.

Boyfriend fucking me while I was sleeping

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