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cik eton

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first of all, I would like to tell all of u whch been reading this site that this is real story and not sort of other stories... My first time happen in 15 years ago with makcik eton, dat time I was only 15 years old when comin back from PMR last paper exam. mkcik ton was a wife to huge size body disco bouncer. But I can tell u a muscle body size does not mean dat u have a size of big Dick, mkciK ton has 1 daughter n 1 son n they still Baby.. Its so happen during raining season, I'd been waited car lift to reach gnd floor n when its open she in wet shirt w/o bra came down to collect her shirt fall down due to heavy wind... I saw her shirt getting wet coz of rain n its shows completely her normal size breast but really huge tits, I was damn erected, she saw me watch her tits n smiling and then she ask me to help her collect her shirt @ playground coz she do not want anybody saw her in dat condition... So, I help her n getting wet by rain. Very lucky I already took my last paper... Took same lift car until reach level 19 where my house is n her house is in 22 floor.... A moment I want to walk off from car lift she ask me whether my mom @ home or not.. I say no auntie my mom working n my dad too... She say ok boy, just gimme a moment... I never thought of anything... reach only my house, started thinkin to masterbat, I took a shower also after gettin wet by raining... During masturbation I thinkin of her in her wet shirt, Owh god its make me cumm in full load... After shower I make a cup of tea to make me warm, suddenly I heard my bell door ringing n when I open it was her... Never say much, I ask her to comin... once step in to my house my 7'' long 2'' dia... Erected again, n she saw a buldging of my pants n ask me whether she can took her shirt off... I was damn erect dat time n I just say, just do like your home... I when to kitchen to get my drink n I make another for her... When I come back to living room I saw her naked n laying is crouch... Almost fall down a tea pot in my hand, she saw me shivering n pull my hand to wards Her... I ask her, auntie, why r u naked...? She replied, m so hot sweety... I replied, I thought its raining outside, she said, Owh god... Yes its raining n cold but m so hot n horny now... She grab my hand n put on her breast, wow....! First time saw naked lady n I just thinking of her when jerkoff just now n now I get to hold a real things... Strait away I took off my pants n she was amazed when she look @ 15yo boy having a huge cock... She started stroking my dick n its so cool n nice dude.... Later she put her mouth on my dick n started to suck it... I was in heaven @ dat moment... I play wif her clits until I feel some liquid come out... She then ask me, u wanna fuck me boy...? I say I just jerkoff n thinkin bout her, she then smile n sitt on my erect dick... She then lead my cock to her vagina mouth n sluurrrp.... Owhhhhhhh..... U have a dick dat I always dream off son... I ask her, what about your hubby..? She show me her thumb finger.... Dat big, I ask...? Yep son, dis big... she start pumping so hardly until I wanna cumm.... I told her I wanna cumm... She said, cumm inside darling I wanna have a baby wif u..... In a moment she is cummin as well, m cummmmmmiiiinnnnngggggg.... She say... Owh god, I am ready to let my load swarm in her vagina until I push so hard n cumm inside Her.... Owh yessssss she's moaning... Darling, can I have it again... Yes u can syg, I've replied... But this time in my place she say.... Ok, then we move to her place coz she need to watch her kids as well during fckin me... reach her house, we started kissing again, I put hand hand in her breast n she started stroking my cock.... Then I saw her douther woke up, she feed her douther n put her back in kids bed, come back to me n started to suck my cock... I feel so gud.... I took of my shirt n hers... Push her to crouch n sit in between her legs, first time I saw a pussy, wet n creamy... I lick n lick n lick her clits until her legs stiff n hot juicy came out n shoot my face.... I lick all d juicy She woke up n lead me to her room, I fuck her maximum n load all my juicy in her... Until we both fall a sleep tiring... When I woke up later @ nite... I was surprise to find out dat her hubby is sleeping next to her in d other corner n me is in d other side... M jumping out from bed when she woke up n say... Its ok darlin, I've told him everything.... Her hubby wake up n starred at me, u fuck my wife n now let me fuck u or I will let your mother knows about it... I was damn afraid n can only says yes sir... mcik ton pull me into her chess n says its ok darlin, let him fuck u n u can fuck me evrydays from now onwards.... I was wonder, n now only I realize dat she n her hubby was bisexual, but her hubby more to gay... He started lick my as while I lick auntie ton nipples.... Suddenly I feel so hurt at my ass.... N I start to cry... Auntie ton comfort me n kiss me passionately... I feel horny back n my dick erect again.... She then pull my cock n lead to her pussy mouth... Sllllluuuuurrrrppppp.... Went in, heard voice fro her hubby, Owh yes... Fuck my wife kid... While he is fucking my butt hole..... Its feel so damn gud when u get to fuck women n her hubby ride your ass.... I feel so horny, she's moaning, her hubby moaning.... M cummmmmmiiiinnnnngggggg..... Both of them cumm together n I push n fuck her so hard until I finally came in her pussy... I dun take out my cock yet n so as her hubby in my wet ass.... started from dat day we had 3 some in every chance dat we have... Few month later, during our fuck session... Her hubby told me dat auntie ton was pregnant.... A year came later when I really surprised dat her newly born son is More to me compared to him... I had a son in my 16yo n I believe dat he is 14 years old today.... We continue fucking for 2 years n finally they migrate to usa... they tell me in usa, people dun care u wanna have sex in d courtyard... They invite me but its really hard n I believe, goin to usa its not gonna happen... So dats is my first bisexual time dat I can share wif all of you when u jerk off... Hahaha

cik eton

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