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Ronnie In The White Mountain Hut

Sex = Female
Where it happened = National Appalachian Trial
Language = English
Refnum = 50149
I met him while hiking the National Appalachian Trail last Summer.His name was Ron, and he was 19. He was spending his vacation time, working as a hut-master in the White Mountain Hut on the trail. He was young and handsome, and had the build of a lumberjack. The rooms in the hut were coed, and so we started sleeping together. When he came inside me the first time, I thought the sun, moon and stars had all fallen on me. It was wonderful. I had had sex with 3 other men before I met him, but it was never anything like this! We went hiking together, too, and twice we got naked and fucked against the trees there in the adjoining forest. His technique was so good he could make me come within ten minutes. After 8 days I had to get back to my job, but I will never forget Ron at the White Mountain Hut.

Ronnie In The White Mountain Hut

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