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Sex = Male
Where it happened = public park
Language = english
Refnum = 50141
i am 16 and my friend is 17 who just passed his driving test.. We both decided to drive to a local caravan park to meet a group of girls who were staying there for the easter holidays.. They were all around 14 or 15 and we brought a load of drink.. After a while we all decided to play spin the bottle at first it was the usual stuff by just making out. by the way there was 8 of them and only 2 of us. next we got on to more sexual dares, blow jobs and fingering. Next i thought of a crazy idea that we should all head in2 the forest and carry this game on. all the girls stripped of and started making out and both my friend and me stripped down.. Although i am not that big down below the girls seemed very impressed they all gathered round and started to touch me in all places. the blow jobs were amazing each of us getting 4 girls each, sucking and licking every where was amazing my dick getting so wet. Next i took the best looking girl and bent her over inserting my penis into her vagina.. Only then did i find out that they were all virgins the same as me and my friend. All the girls were licking each other out.. It was a great. All the girls were all into having sex having turns with all the girls, i had came everywhere over each girl my penis was red raw after atleast an hour of pure sex.. All of the girls loved it and they have arranged to meet again over summer, cant wait!


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