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Sex = Male
Where it happened = her room
Language = English
Refnum = 50139
I was on the computer and my sister comes down and asks me to rub lotion on her back. Well all she has on is her bra and panties, i have always thought she was hot. I agreed and started rubbing, i then got hard and think she felt against her but. She starts to moan as im rubbing, then she takes her hand and puts it down my pants. Since she did this and started giving me a hj, i took off her top. It wasnt long before i had her on her bed, both of us fully naked. She was on the bottom, moaning and smiling. Her tight pussy was amazing against my cock. She decided to give me a bj, and i came in her mouth 4 times. then we did anal doggy style, and i came there 2 times. it was getting late so we went to bed together. But we woke up at 3a.m. and did it again. She said it was great, and is was for me too. now she does it with her bf all the time, but i will always remember our first time.


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