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Sexi Lexi

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So when I was 18 I had the hottest woman on earth as my math teacher and she had just come to the school. I always had a crush on her but one day I decided to stay after school so that she could " help me inmath". She had hugeeee tits and a super tight ass. I was all alone with her and I decided to take action. I asked her if she was married and she said no then I asked her if she was gay. Surprised she said yah but I've neveractualy done it with a girl. Then she bent over and tripped I got up and helped her up and she looked at me then I kissed her . She stode up and locked the door. I ran over to her and ripped off her skirt and she took off my shirt she frenched me and I sucked her boobs . I pulled a strap on dick out of my backpack and titty fucked her. I fingered her for ten minuets . I ate her while she did the same to me. I texted my parents and told them I was going to sleepover at my friends house and we procided to fuck Everywhere! To this daywe fuck everyday and we r married. Think about a tall blonde woman with boobs as big as my head lickin ur pussy

Sexi Lexi

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