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Sex = Male
Where it happened = at Doris,s
Language = english
Refnum = 49844
My first time was at a young womens house,I,d gone to the toilet and found myself looking through the laundry basket until I,d found a black pair of panties,I felt really horny and just had to put them on,I came almost immediately,I was sixteen at the time and my interest has grown over the years.This went on until I thought of calling the samaritans which I did on several occasions,until one day I called and a lady named Doris listened to my experiences and told me her son had the same problems,although against the rules she gave me her home phone number and told me to call her when I needed to,this went on for a while until she felt confident enough to suggest I came over to her house to meet personaly,I was quite nervous but decided to go and after meeting her I was glad I had.She looked about seventy,and was well dressed and I would say a little old fashioned and conservative,after we had met a few times I decided to take a couple of magazines about trannies and see if this would help us to talk about it a little more openly,when I showed her the mags she said she knew what I wanted and told me I could go upstairs and there was some things I could wear in one of the bedrooms.I could hardly believe it and I never expected it either.She said take your time and do what you want but I don,t want to see you,so up I went,I felt I was in a dream,there was all I Needed,undies,a couple of dresses,stockings,even an ash blond wig,I was really enjoying myself and really turned on,so I decided to shout downstairs to see if Doris could help me with the make up,she was reluctant but finally agreed and came up and really made me look great,well you can guess what happened next I told her how I was feeling and I put my hand on her waist, she was shocked I think but didn,t object so I put my hand up her dress inside her panties,I was surprised how wet she was, then I couldn,t stop my hands going all over her,I laid her on the bed and sucked and licked her fanny like a mad man,I don,t know how long it had been since she had any kind of sex but she was really ready for it now,we both stood up and I moved behind her and we were in front of the full length mirror on the wardrobe and I was looking at myself shoving my cock up her,it was like a dream.I managed to control myself long enough to give her the longest shagging she said she could remember,we have been like two young lovers since then and can hardly wait for the next time.She seems to enjoy helping me with dressing up and I think it turns her on,she has got me high eels,and some great corselettes,and girdles,and some really tight dresses,one of our favourites is to go out in the car to a park or a quiet spot somewhere me in ladies gear and Doris on my arm,then I give her a real good fucking up the side of a tree or maybe against the car,I,m sure she wants someone to see us while we are at it,so there you are,I,m in heaven wearing all the things I like and Doris is getting fucked every way she has never been fucked before,she says she gets a little sore sometimes round her bottom but she says she is glad she,s been introduced to anal sex and would,nt have missed it for the world. .


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