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I read a lot of fantasy stories about fucking your mothers. I believe that some of you have experienced it as i have. Is it really exciting to fuck your fuck the same pussy that you came out? I was 10 or 11 when i was introduced to masturbation by a friend. He taught me the joys of jerking my cock and even thogh i never jizzed but the climax was nevertheless satisfying. I was hooked on masturbation either alone or my friend would jerk it for me. We were a couple. We would go to the bushes most times and strip naked and touch and play with each others cocks. We tried fucking the ass too,but mine was too tight for him to go in but i did get my stiff into his. It was really a nice feeling to fuck his ass. We would do it almost everyday at my house because my mom would always be visiting her friends during the afternoon when im back from school. John would come over and we would immediately start our masturbation and sometime i would fucking his ass. One day John told me that he had experience fucking a woman. I was jerking his cock when he told me how this woman seduced him and the lady sucked his cock and made him lick her pussy and finally he fucked her and he jizzed inside her pussy. He told me the feeling was out of this world. I was really curios and asked him who is this woman as i too wanted to be fucked by her. He refused to give any further info on the woman because she has sworn him to secrecy. I was so mad at him,when we share almost all our fucking fantasy he denied me this info. After much cajoling i told him'ok will you tell me if i suck your cock?' His eyes would have popped out when i told him that. 'Ok. but you suck first". I said ok and started to suck his cock. Its the first time for me as i have never sucked anyone before. When he was about to come i stopped and told were suppose to tell me who you fucked? Ok,ok..its your mother i fucked! I coudnt believe my ears. It really shocked me at first but it excited me too. I started to grill my friend about the fuck. How did her pussy look? Very hairy! Her breast? Big and soft and she likes her tits to be sucked and her nipples bitten softly. How did you feel when fucking her pussy? It was really wet and very hot and i came in 2 minutes,he said. I was really horny by then and i was jerking my cock as i ask him the questions. Then he told me,your mom ask me if you masturbated and i said yes. I went into shock,OMG why did you tell her that! She asked me dude,while i was fucking her. So she knows now that i jerk off! Fuck!! Mmmm...she knows that we do it together dude. I went cold when John said that. I was embarrassed that my mom knows that i masturbate with John. 'Hey dude she was cool about it man,she even encouraged me to come often to jerk you off,i wish my mom was as understanding man' WHAT!!!! is she crazy or what . Cool it man i couldn believe what im hearing but John confirmed it. Oh shit,how am i goin to face my mom now. My cock shrinked and i lost interest in jerking. After John left,i kept myself in my room the whole day,avoiding my mom as best as i could but where can i hide in an apartment. Later that night,after everyone had gone to bed,i felt really horny and started to jerk at the thought of John fucking my mom. It was a sight i have to see to believe. When the door to my room opened,and there stood my mom. I was not fast enough to cover my cock as she got a quick look at my stiff dick before i could pull the covers over it. She came to the bed and sat beside me and put her hands on my covered cock. 'Let me help you son,you just lie still'.she told me. I was excited,shocked,scared shit,embarrassed and the shit came all at once. She started to jerk my cock looking at my cock with a smile on her face. Her touch made my cock really hard. 'You like the way im doing it dear?.she asked. Yeah mom.i said.its very nice. Did John sucked your cock?,she asked. Yeah,sometimes!.i said. 'Do you want me to suck your cock?.she asked. I just smlied at her looking at her mouth,which was wet as she ran tongue over. She bend her head and took my hard cock into her hot,wet mouth and she started to suck. I was in heaven..7th heaven!!! I came in less than a minute,she swallowed my cum and licked her lips and she told me she was goin to fuck me. I quickly got off the bed and stripped naked. She looked at me and laughed,Cant wait to fuck your mom huh? I just smiled and got into bed and watched her strip. She turned her back as she stripped. I saw her butt,aall the extra ass flesh and as she turned to her front my eyes popped out looking at her pendulus breats. She crawled on top of me. By now my cock stood as stiff as a flag pole. She brought my cock to her pussy entrance and search for the pussy entrance with my cock. Then she started to ride me. My first pussy,is my moms pussy,my horny mom. We fucked a few times that night,even skipping school the next day to fuck the whole day and later in the afternoon when John came to visit me for his usual masturbation fun,he got a shock when my mom joined in on our fun. It excited him to see me fuck my own mom. I am lucky that my mom is open minded about sex,sex is just sex and its so much fun. When i am married and have my own,i might let my own children have sex with their parents. Its just loving unconditionally as my mom puts it. Since incest is tabboo,please dont do it,if its rape or forced its not love. Anyway,im still living with my mom and we still do it occasionally. my mom has many lovers now,young and old,man and women. She is a supermom to me,luv you mom and thank you!!! this dedicated to Madam J,muaks!

horny mom,horny son

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