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Big boobs draw attention

Sex = Female
Where it happened = Apartment
Language = English
Refnum = 49639
I was an injured track runner . I was a double A cup and had a thirty inch bust line. I was given a drug to help heal my injuries . In two years I gained 17 pounds . Most girls don't start breast devlopement 5 years after they start puberty. My hips gained an inch , my waist an inch , my bust line 7 inches. Not to mention I am now a heavy C cup. The doctor took me off the medication so I wouldn't get any bigger. I let the boys feel me up and ended up working at hooters. I started dating early my 18th year and found a boy I wanted to live with. We got an apartment and I let him feel me up for hours. I told him I wanted to be serious and loose my virginity. He told me he was experienced with girls and went to get a blood test for my protection. He had a cureable STD and in a month his doctor said he was clean. We got a legal marriage and I was ready. He examined my folds and opened me up and placed in a finger . I thought it would be better but just nothing. I was a tampon user so I had popped my cherry years ago . He was disapointed I had no cherry. He was big but I'm no judge of others being a virgin. I was wet and thrilled to be having sex for the first time. He was pushing really hard and going no where. I was fine but I wanted him in me. He pushed a while and wanted to give up. I was tense but I felt no pain. We gave up after an hour he said his penis really hurt. We slept naked and he fingered me all night . It got better as I had an orgasm with his fingers. The next morning still he couldn't get in. I fell asleep early and woke up with my husband on top of me and he was so happy having sex. He ejactulated and had pulled out before I was fully awake . Not fair at all I thought. He stayed limp and I was angry with him. In an hour I was dragging him back to bed . And he couldn't get it in me, I was crazy and got on top of him and almost bashed his penis with my pussy. Relax before you break something , like my penis , he yelled at me. Your pussy is tighter than fort nox . He brought me a huge glass of wine and I ended up drinking two glasses. It worked I setteled down and he slid in no problem we make love all the time and I never lost my big tittys. I have a wonderful baby girl and plenty of milk for her and my husband. Thanks for reading.

Big boobs draw attention

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