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lost virginity 4 hours before my wedding to my brother

Sex = Female
Where it happened = party
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Some times life is not fair. I worked hard keeping the boys out of my shorts. I was a virgins virgin. pure as pure. I never even masturbated. Well at age 22 the night before the wedding There was the bachelor party for all the guys. My husband was there but left early so he could get some sleep. I walked in with his tux to drop it off and to chastise the boys. The lights were off and the music was so loud.My skirt was pulled up and I was on the floor. Wait I screamed! Wait please! I couldn't hear my self for the music.The only light was a strobe light across the room. I saw the most horrendous orgy going on screwing everywhere. God no NO No No as I crawled to the door loosing my shoe and holding on to my Nylons "I had no panties on" I was flipped over and a hard dick was crammed up my ass. I clawed his face and he grabbed my arm and another guy jumped on me and just lined him self up and jammed in my pussy two times hard and the second time he took my virginity. Three others took their liberties and some one one had to of cum in me . because there was evidence. I crawled out cried and drove home blood and cum running down my leg. I went through with the wedding and told no one. My husband said nothing as he easily slid in on his wedding night. A week later My brother said on of the prostitutes he hired was a virgin cause she clawed his buddy and he felt her cherry break when he jumped on her. He also said he gave her a good fucking. and he was covered with blood when he went to the jon. I listened from around the corner and waited for a private moment with my brother. and then told him

lost virginity 4 hours before my wedding to my brother

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