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my first hand job

Sex = Female
Where it happened = at mycousin house
Language = english
Refnum = 49511
so it was a fun day at my cousins house.And then my crush and his friends came over.i was so happy cause iv always had like the biggest crush on we were all just sitting in the room and the worst of my cousins were all like "so lenee'a' i heard something went down and you a boonie". i was so mad but i just laughed.then he was all like really oh i didnt knw that.i was so all the boys were leaving but him so everyone was just talking and then he finally talked to me. he said hey lets go talk in the other i went duh. so we were just sitting in the coner of the room talking then he started getting closer.i was getting really happy but i didnt want to show him that.then he started moving my hands sown his i started giving him an hand job and he was all sweaty and moaning.then he was all like stop! stop!stop. an when i took my hand from down his pants my hands were really we went back int he other room after i washed my hands and my cousins were all like so what did u guys do and i was chessing so hard.but i kinda felt sad cause iv always thought i wasnt going to be that girl to give a guy what he wants. i wassnt going to be that girl who is easy.

my first hand job

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