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Sex with english teacher

Sex = Male
Where it happened = School
Language = English
Refnum = 49367
One day I was at school finishing up a make-up test in english class. It was just me and my teacher Ms. Gallucci in the class. She was at her desk and I was at mine. She was very good looking, kind of short woth luscious blonde hair, blue eyes, a nice ass, and hot red lips. After I was done with the test I turned it in and I told her the test was pretty tough and I didn't think I did well on it I probably got a bad grade. She graded it and I did. She told me she was disappointed in me because I was her one of her top students. Then she said, "you wanna know how to get that grade back up?" I said, how? Then, she started unbuttoning her shirt reveaqling her black bra with her nice boobs and her skirt with her black panties. I said Ms. Gallucci are you sure? She said, " of course, you can do everything and anything to me." So I took off my clothes, showing her my hard cock. She said, " oh, you got a big one let me suck you". So she started sucking me with those hot red lips. Oh my god it felt so good. Then, she put a condom on me because she had some in her purse. She asked me if I thought she was the hottest teacher in the school? I said I always dreamed of fucking you. Then she got turned on and I laid on my back on my desk and she got on top and rode me for 10 mins. My hard cock in and out of her wet pussy. She then said, " hey, do me from behind" so I said sure and she was mounted up on my desk and I rammed my cock in her from behind. Both of us screaming loud. She was moaning, " Oh yeah, harder, harder, that's it baby! I yelled, " I can't believe I'm fucking my teacher! Then, I asked her for one thing. I sat in her chair and had her grind her ass on my dick first I would put it in her pussy. Then, I would just have her grind and hump on it. It felt amazing! We were going to cum together so she grinded faster, and faster. Until she got off my dick and she laid on her back on the ground, rubbing her pussy, until she had the most sexiest orgasm. Then, I sat on her face and mouth-fucked her until I came and she swalloed my cum. She admitted that it was the best sex she had ever had. After awhile we were still lying naked hanging out we dry humped until we came together again. I thanked her she made out with me for a few moments and I left. That was that. I never had sex with her again.

Sex with english teacher

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