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Sex = Male
Where it happened = Her House
Language = English
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When I lost my Virginity,I was hanging out at my aunt and uncle's house with my cousin, who was my first. I was spending the night. We had just watched a movie with a sex scene, and I had a boner. We were in the same bedroom, I was on the floor. In the middle of the night, I had to go the to bathroom, so I went to the bathroom, and on the floor was a thong. I picked it up and sniffed it. That smell is soo amazing, and my boner came back. I went over to her bed and pulled back the covers, exposing her bare ass. That's right, she was sleeping in the nude! I rolled her on her back and rubbed her hot tits until her nipples were hard. She woke up right then and asked me if i liked her tits.i said hell yeah. She smiled and told me to fuck her tittys. I lost my boxers and straddled her torso. I came on her tits twice and rolled her over. I started licking her pussy and ass. She suggest we 69 and we did for a while. Blowjobs are so amazing! Well, i grabbed the condom in my wallet, rolled it on and entered her pussy. I couldnt go in very far, but I pulled out and popped her cherry with my finger. She bled a little, but it ran onto a maxi pad for that exact reason. I put my 5inch cock back in and fucked her for hours. After I came in the condom several times, i threw the condom away, lubed my cock with her wet pussy juice and fucked her ass, cumming in it 4-7 times. I enjoyed that experience immensly.

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