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Cullen Girl

Sex = Female
Where it happened = Granma House
Language = English
Refnum = 48700
I was a little curious about sex. I was young when I started masterbating. I liked the way it felt. I had my first boyfriend. He would talk dirty to me, and got ideas in my head. Which made me even more curious. I found my older brothers porn mag. I would look at it and masterbated. My moms boyfriend would watch me. One day I was really going at it, I was addicted. He caught me and offered to help. Everything felt right, i trusted him and knew it was safer than experimenting with my boyfriend. My friends were all talking about doing it. I had seen my moms boyfriend in the shower accidently. I let him see me. I would go into his room in the mornings while my mom was at work. I loved having my back scratched. That turned into lower and lower. Soon he touched my pussy. We began playing more and more. I sucked his dick and he licked my pussy. One day we fucked. It hurt the first time all the way through. AS time went on it felt good. He liked it. We did it every week for about a year. He was my first and I think he saved me from making mistakes.

Cullen Girl

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