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Too Young

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One night, around two - three years or so back me and 3 friends where playing spin the bottle truth or dare game, two girls and 2 boys, i had the first spin, it went for a while seen as it was glass, it stopped on katie, i said truth, she said she once masturbated infront of someone... we all looked shocked but carried on, katie span it and it landed on sarrah, she said i dare dan (me), to lick katies private parts.. i reluctantly moved beside katie and she willingly pulled down her pants and spread her legs i began to lick her out, 5 mins passed and we went bk to the game, katie kept her pants off though, i span the bottle and it landed amazingly on katie, she said i dare dan to put his willy into me, again i reluctantly moved over and mounted her, she groaned and moaned as the other two watched, then we heard the door, i shot up and pulled my pants up but katie kept on the floor rubbing her vagina, she cummed all over the carpet just as her mother walked in.. we all left and she was grounded for a fortnight, but i kept sneaking over to do it with her, was amzing.

Too Young

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