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Wet n juicy first time

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I was on the internet reading stories like these. I didn't know what to do with myself after reading them, but i read that someone used a vibrator on her clit. So i had these vibrating slippers. I was getting ready to get into the hot tub. While the water was filling up I got my vibrating slipper, just one and used the side of it where it was strongest and put it on my vagina. Not knowing where to put it i just guessed. So i moved it around a bit and found this really good feeling part, my clit, and then i opened up my lips of my vagina with one hand and moved the slipper with my other hand. It started feeling really good and i couldn't stop moaning and i couldn't control myself. I had an orgasm and i squirted. It felt soooo amazing. Then i got in the hot tub and i spread my legs wide open and let the strong jets hit on my clit and it was nothing i'd ever felt before. Now i masterbate with three fingers as deep inside my pussy as i can and i rub my clit with the other fingers and i like to look up stories as i do it. I go on to and look at lesbians licking eachothers clit and fingering eachother. my nipples get so hard and i get so wet. i rub the outside of my panties to make me even wetter. As im thinking about it, i just felt down my panties and im getting real wet. Im gonna go masterbate! mmmm i love it. its hard to keep my moans down so my neighbors don't hear me.

Wet n juicy first time

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