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Friends Horny Mom

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Friends house
Language = English
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I was 16 and my good friend called me and asked me if i wanted to go to the local fair with him. I said "yea sure". He was at his grandparents house and said that his mom was coming to pick me up and bring me back to there house and he'd meet us there, then we'd go. I got ready and she picked me up and brought me back to their house. My friend wasnt very bright and thought he told us to meet at the fair. So, when i got to his house his mom told me i could go to his room and watch TV or whatever. After waiting for my friend and the rest of his family for a half hour she told me to call mike and she'd call her family to see where they were. There must have been no service cause no one would answer the phone. I got bored of playing ps2 so i fell asleep on his bed for a while. My friends mom kept trying to call but couldnt get a hold of anyone. When i woke up i went downstairs to get something to drink. When i was walking upstairs i noticed a little pile of laundry on the steps. On top was my friends moms white lacy panties. I went back to my friends room and got real horny. I played with my self for a while. My friends mom was downstairs trying to call her family and washing dishes and what not, so, i decided to go into her room and look through her drawers to find more of her underwear. I looked in a hamper in the room and found her dirty panties, i sniffed them and they smelt really bad, it made me more horny. All of a sudden i heard her comeing upstairs and saying "Matt i caan't get a hold of them so we are going to go to the fair and look for them." I froze, i was so scared, she came into the room and looked so shocked. I said "i'm really sorry", she said "oh my god! what are you doing". I was so scared all i could say is "please, don't tell anyone, i'm sorry". To my surprise she said "i wont tell, it actually kind of turns me on". I was so confused i said, "what", she started taking off her clothes and i asked what she was doing and she said, "isn't this what you wanted". I stopped talking and just went along with it, she told me lick her pussy and i did, it was so wet but i wanted to taste her asshole so i stuck my face between her cheeks and licked her stinky asshole. Then she sucked me off for a bit and told me to get the oil in her drawer, i gave it to her and she rubbed it all over her GIANT, natural tits. these were the biggest tits i had ever seen in real life. I sat on her bed and she pushed her tits together around my cock and rubbed them up and down. Then i layed down and she rode me and i said im going to cum i cant help it, she said wait one second and told me to stick my dick in her tight asshole. After a few thrusts i blew a HUGE load into her ass and she sucks the rest of the come off. After that we went to the fair and founf my friend and acted like nothing happened.

Friends Horny Mom

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