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French Kiss

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Football Stadium
Language = English
Refnum = 48390
I was a freshman in college. My brother and his girlfrend arranged a date for me to the Thanksgiving Day Game. I was shy. I had never had a steady girlfriend. I had kissed deeply and passionately before and I had fondled a girl before, but that was about it. This girl was from another college. She was a sophomore psychology major. My brother said she had nice breasts, but I didn't notice them. I just thought she was a nice girl. Our school had a tradition of kissing on touchdowns and extra points. Our team made a lot of touchdowns and extra points. Though I had kissed passionately for long periods of time, I had never experienced a kiss the way this girl kissed. She stuck her tongue way down my throat every time the team made a touchdown. It was quite exciting. I've never found a woman since then who kissed like that. It makes me wish I had gotten to know her better and spent more time with her. I might have married her and be enjoying her today.

French Kiss

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