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First time with best friend

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Disney World
Language = English
Refnum = 48366
It was Spring time April 3rd 2008, me & my best friend Breanna had gone down to Disney world for 3 weeks, One day it was a Wednesday night we had just came back from the parks, was about 10pm at night. I was sitting on the bed bre was sitting on the other bed, she looked at me & said "i really need sex" I looked back at here & said sure lets fuck, I went closer to her & started to touch her all over & kiss her, and french kissing her. I asked her if shes gonna want anal sex, she said Yes she wants anal, so i told her Ok well before i do you anally I want to give you a few enemas to get you cleaned out I told her to get undressed at come to the bathroom, i filled the enema bag full of warm water with enema soap. Put some towels down on the floor, then i had her lay on her back on the floor, i hung the bag on the shower rod, put a lil lube on the nozzle, then I slowly slide the nozzle into her butt the nozzle only went in half way, she had a major poop blockage, i just held the nozzle there against the blockage and kept hold and holding it, after about 30 mins of holding it there i pushed it against the blockage harder & harder as i held it there I licked her Vag and stuck my tongue into her vag, after about an hour she still had the poop blockage, I said this needs to come out so I got my shower shot enema attached it to the tub faucet, gave a few quick bursts of water. It worked well, the blockage cleared. I gave her a few fleet enemas, then used the enema bag again, i shoved the nozzle in hard & deep, gave her a few bag enemas she gave me a few enemas, too and sucked my penis really good as she was giving me enemas. after we where done giving each other enemas, she layed on the bed, I touched & squeezed her tits, and licked and sucked em. then i licked and stuck my tounge in her vag again while i shoved 2 fingers deep into her butt. I was very hard, I shoved my penis into her vag and fucked her very hard, and kept fucking her she told me to cum in her and fucked her more and more i came deep inside her vag after i came in her i held my penis inside her vag while i kissed her. I held my penis in her for about an hour, then i fucked her in the butt really hard, then i layed on my back on the bed she got on top of me and rode me while she french kissed me. I loved it when she rode me, after that we where ready to go to bed, i Fucked her one more time nice n slow in the vag, and came in her again, i got close to her cuddled close to her, I held my penis in her all night as we slept. it was a great night of sex.. 9 months later she had twins.. it was great

First time with best friend

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