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Sex = Male
Where it happened = House
Language = English
Refnum = 48133
At the time i was 14.(now 15) Anyway my girlfriend of 5 months ashley was invited over to my house for dinner. Soon after dinner we were watching some comedy movie laughing hugging making out... having a good time. Soon after she asked me if i was ready. I then said yes eagerly and we walks slowly into my room and then we started with making out again. we were then beginning to touch i felt her boobs she felt around my chest area then i said im ready and we took off our clothes and i asked her if she was a virgin she said yes then she repeated that question to me and i told her the truth... which is no. i then promised her that id go at her pace and boy that was a mistake. Earlier just before dinner i was with my friend chris and we smoked alot of weed and also dropped acid and me being doped up at the time of her first time i got her pregnant so watch ur ass people reading this i will be a father in 7 months i didnt want a child especially this early but she doesnt want an abortion so we are still together we have not ever gone unprotected


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