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Hill top lover

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Hiking
Language = English
Refnum = 48128
I was on a day hike and I was up set with my parents cause every thingwent wrong all week. I saw her sitting by her self so I sat by her. What's up. She looked me over . Are you 18? No I'm only she put her hand on my mouth I don't want to know. The bugs were out and I had some off and I put it on my arms. She said put some on my legs young blood. I was nervious as I rubbed high on her legs. I had a bad day she said I have to go back east and finish college. So it's now or never what a view we have here. It's nice up top you can see forever. Let's go so I walked to the top . We ploped our selves on the grass and lay in the warm sun. She rolled over and kissed me . My name is Belinda I want your virginity. She climbed on me and we were grinding hips. She un zipped me and pulled my 7 inch one eyed snake out . Wow you will be my biggest so far . She lightly stroked me . So nice so nice. She took off her short shorts . She had these long folded up lips and stood over my head as I lay in the grass. Ever seen the south end of a north bound woman. Yea my cousins flash their pussies in my face. I grabbed her legs and put my toungue in her pussy . It was different than my cousins they had little pussy lips. I was a well trained pussy eater. Well she opened her vagina with one hand and lowered down on me. I groaned this is better than I thought . I could feel her cervix rub my penis. She stopped and then took her top off she had small breast I pulled her chest to mine . You want to cum right now? In a bit. Pull out first OK. Sure I rolled her over and gave her all my 7 and she said pull out. I filled her deep and kept pumping and pumping. You idiot she said and I kept jambing. That was my first time.

Hill top lover

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