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Sex = Female
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Language = English
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My boyfriend kept bugging me to have sex with him, but i thought i was to young so i decided to wait until i was 14. The first time we had sex was in my bedroom, I dont even remember what happened since we've done it man times after that. I was making out with him the whle time, and didnt even realize what we were doing. We only went at it for about 2 minutes, until he jizzed. He had fingered alot before that, but i had never sucked his dick until 6 months later. Anyways, we had done it so many times, and i didnt realize he was using me until my bestfriend told me he was. I dont know why but i think im addicted to sex. Because even though he's using me, I still have sex with him up to this day. We've had sex everywhere, even in a forest in the middle of he winter ( while i was sitting on a tree stump )


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