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Don't cum in my pussy!

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Well I was so excited High school was just over and the seniors were having fun at the lake. A girl I'll call Mary grabbed my shirt and not even looking at me said still a virgin? Don't answer just follow me. I had good friends with her till 4 th grade where she never made an attempt to speak to me till just now. OK so she wasn't the first girl I saw a girl naked. But she was beautiful. It wasn't like I liked her either. It was almost a business arrangement. She was like. Yea you do get the idea. Gosh she was good and experienced. She gave me a list of all her conquest . I had no Idea. She told me she was going to school in New York. Gosh she got real wet. And her breast were real hard. Well some where in the middle of our casual sex she said "don't cum in my pussy" and she chatted a mile a minute. Well this was my first time so I didn't really know what to expect. Thank goodness I has jacked off a few hours earlier so my first time was more than 5 minutes. She kept saying your doing so good, it was good but not great. Suddenly she shut up and got serious and started groaning and getting aggressive. I want to pull out was all I said. Wait she said but then it was to late. I had a few huge squirts in her. You didn't she said . Yes I did and you felt it . Shit I never let any one do that in me. Wow it felt good. Yes it did here too. We kissed and said good bye. Never saw her again. I love the stories here. I love writing them for all you fine people here at the club. We have 20 post and everyone signs their name after we print .

Don't cum in my pussy!

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